Monday, October 21, 2013

When I am old I shall wear purple....

Ok, I already like purple and wear it often enough... but the poem makes m e laugh. And there is one fantasy in my head of when I'm old. I always thought it would be quirky, funny, and beautiful to have a home surrounded by purple and black plants. And greyhounds. I know, greyhounds are random, but so is this blog entry.

Really, I'm just writing this down so I don't forget some of these plants that one of my friends on Facebook mentioned so that when I am old (or my next house, actually), I can plant my purple and black garden and landscaping. My poor husband, heh. I haven't really cleared this with him.... The irony here being that I have no idea how to garden, but I also know I can teach myself. ^_~

Anyway, some things for me to look up later:

Purple Irises (Yay perennial that I know for sure grows like a weed in TX!)

Black Tulips

Black Hollyhock

We also have some kind of purple ground cover that is weed-like in its persistence living. It drives my husband crazy, because it will grow onto our sidewalk, but I love it. Heh. Ah. Found it. It's called Purple Heart. It grows in full sun or in the shade (it's shaded where we have it) and is very very resilient here...

Purple Heart

And then I stumbled across this book....

Very, very interesting!